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Experience the innovative approach of American Directional Boring. We use cutting-edge equipment operated by our expert team to seamlessly install underground utilities and pipelines, ensuring minimal surface disruption and preserving existing structures.

We deliver efficient and reliable installations for telecommunications cables, water and sewer lines, gas pipelines, electrical conduits, and more. Choose our professional team of experts for efficient and reliable underground infrastructure solutions.

directional boring

Directional boring is a method of underground construction that involves drilling a horizontal tunnel for installing utilities or conduits without disturbing the surface above.


Excavation is the process of digging, removing, or scooping out material from the ground to create a cavity or uncover buried objects. Typically for construction or landscaping projects.


Trenching is the process of digging a narrow and elongated excavation in the ground, typically used for installing utilities, drainage systems, or creating foundations for structures.

Missile Bore

missile boring

Missile boring, is a trenchless construction method that utilizes a guided missile-like tool to create a horizontal bore for installing underground utilities or conduits.


Plowing, in the context of construction or agriculture, is the act of creating furrows or trenches in the ground by using a specialized plow or plow-like equipment.

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We are a family owned and operated business. America Directional Boring, INC. was founded by Brenda Durham in 2007. Brenda grew up in the construction industry and learned valuable skills from her father and grandfather.

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We proudly serve a wide range of locations, spanning multiple states and major metropolitan areas, ensuring that our exceptional directional boring services are accessible to clients across various regions

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